Tour of The Island Of Molokai with John McBride

Moloka'i Day Tours

Molokai Museum

Molokai museum cover the history of Kalaupapa settlement with picture, facts and a 6 minute video of the settlement and a 12 minute video on R.W. Meyer Sugar mill. A short guided tour of the mill within walking distance of the museum give you a sense of what it was like to produce sugar in those days. On the museum grounds are a lot of native and medicinal plants of which we explain their purposes.

Pala’au State Park

Kalaupapa Lookout

The Lookout overlooks the Kalaupapa peninsula from a cliff 1700 feet high. It is a beautiful breath taking scenery all owing you see the town, harbor and runway. The plaques shares information of the settlement and its patients who had Hansen disease or otherwise known as leprosy.

Next to the lookout is a trail leading to the Phallic rock which is a soft hike about (15 minutes). The rock is referred to as Kaule o Nanahoa, or “the penis of Nanahoa” It is said that women who were baren or infertile would bring an offering (a handmade flower lei) and lie on the rock hoping the magical powers of the rock would heal them in hopes of  have children in the near future.

Purdy’s Macadamia Farm

The macadamia farm located on Hawaiian Homestead lands and is the only macadamia farm on Molokai. The farm is all natural no pesticides or chemical used to produce these nuts. The farm is an old style backyard type of farm with your “make your own tools.” After an orientation of how to raise the macadamia nuts you will have an opportunity to crack some nuts and even eat them with some honey harvested from the bees on the farm.

Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove

This grove is one of two remaining royal coconut groves in the State of Hawaii. It lies on Hawaiian Homes Land and at one time had 1000 trees which represented the each warriors of King Kamehameha V or High Chief Kapaiwa., also in the grove are seven sacred ponds, each had a certain ritual which was done in each ponds. It was also said that a mermaid was seen from time to time at one of the ponds. The grove is still considered sacred to the locals who live on the island.

St Joseph Church

Built by Father Damien in 1876 those attending this church would help Father Damien in preparing food for the Hansen disease patients. This compassionate service continue for many years which built a relationship with the parishioners on top side.   Next to this church is one of three statue of

Father Damien. You can find many visitors taking pictures next to his statue with their hand on his healing hand at the sight.

Our Lady of Seven Sorrows

This church was built by Father Damien in 1874 and refurnished in the 1960’s much of the inside of the church remains original. The parishioners still have services there and if your timing is right, you might see a wedding being performed at the church. The Gothic window slide up and are held up a one foot stick that allows the cool air to pass through the church.

Kaunakakai Harbor

This harbor is the source of all shipping goods to the island. Built a quarter of a mile off the island because of the fringing reef it provides fuel, shipping containers of food, household goods and

just about anything that cannot make on an airplane.  The ferry from Lahaina crosses the channel 4 days a week bringing locals and tourist to the Island. The harbor also provides a excellent place for fishing and watching the sunset during the evenings with your friends and family.

Kaunakakai Town

This is a small town with only two supermarkets, two banks, two service stations and a lot of small businesses. There are no traffic lights, no malls not even McDonalds here. You can enjoy the slow pace of country life here. This town is like the series “Cheers” (everybody knows your name).  Kanemitsu Bakery is a popular place for its “Molokai bread” along with the Farmer’s market on Saturday morning.